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In addition to the direct effects of police brutality to those who experience such abuse, there are often broader sociological consequences that may result when police engage in the excessive use of force, particularly when the force is systemic in nature and occurs in communities whose residents perceive that they have been socially and legally marginalized by their municipal governments. Precincts characterized by the highest rates of racially concentrated structural disadvantage also had the highest rates of police misconduct. It seems clear that, while people subjected to direct forms of police brutality suffer the most immediate harm from such abuse, those residing in communities – even cities – in which the police engage in the excessive use of force with little accountability also experience the resulting harms. Although police departments can use recruitment as a tool to prevent the excessive use of force by their officers, the best prevention is likely based on a multilevel approach that involves local governing bodies selecting chief administrators with strong commitments to transparency and the virtues of “good” policing. According to Nielsen (2014), “excited delirium syndrome is defined as delirium coupled with extreme agitation” (p. 1). This theory states that the main aspect that has the greatest impact on the people’s perceptions about the police “is whether an individual believes they were treated justly and fairly during personal encounters with agents of authority” (Livingston et al., 2014, p. 281). The motorist – Marquette Frye – resisted being taken into custody, which led to an escalating confrontation with police (Barnhill 2010). Unlike other forms of police deviance, which tend to be wrong by their very occurrence, the roots of police brutality reside in the legitimate use of force – a tool society gives police to accomplish its mandate. 629; GWU Law School Public Law Research Paper … Tyler (1990) has argued that societies are more likely than not to comply with the law when they believe in the morality of the law and in the legitimacy of the government making the law. Such are the conditions that most often allow officers to engage in abuse of authority – including excessive force – with little fear of recourse (e.g., Kane 2002; Kubrin and Weitzer 2003). Kane attributed this relationship to the same processes driving Kurbin and Weitzer’s (2003) findings: As residents of socially/economically marginalized communities perceived increases in police abuses, they likely ceased sharing crime-related intelligence with authorities, allowing violent crimes to occur that may have been otherwise prevented. When he observes a pickup truck roll confidently through the intersection without stopping, the officer ignites his engine, activates the light bar, and pulls quickly away from the curb to initiate a vehicle stop on the truck. To provide a framework for assessing the appropriateness of the use of force, the Supreme Court applied an “objective reasonableness” standard (via the Search and Seizure Clause of the Fourth Amendment) in the case Graham v. Connor (1989), holding that the legality of the use of force must be evaluated based on the judgment of a “reasonable” officer at the scene of the event rather than through a “retrospective” lens. In short, the purpose of this study was to determine the meaning of use of force, who can use force, when force should be applied and how much force is too much force. These events tended to trigger an uncharacteristic response in the officer – perhaps due to family history or other personal experience – leading him to take on the attributes of the enforcer: He was quick to use violence as an initial response when contacting an alleged domestic or sexual assault offender. “Police officers should use only the amount of force necessary to control an incident, effective arrest, or protect themselves or others from harm or death.” (National Institute of Justice) Unfortunately, at times there are some police officers have felt that they are above this rule and have used excessive force in unnecessary situations. Although the examination of unnecessary force is largely beyond the scope of this research paper, it is important to at least identify because (1) it represents a component of the overall use of force construct, and (2) likely happens more frequently than does excessive force, often without the subsequent application of accountability remedies (Fyfe 1986). Herbert S (1997) Policing space: territoriality and the Los Angeles Police Department. The social and economic costs of the 1965 Los Angeles riot were eclipsed only by those of the 1992 Los Angeles riot, which occurred in the immediate aftermath of two white police officers being acquitted for beating motorist Rodney King. The officer exits his vehicle, walks to the truck, and instructs the driver to put down his window. Future of Policing - Research papers on the future of policing delve into the topics of policing in America and discuss the future policing will have after increasing militarization of police forces, and the use of excessive force. Muir (1977) takes a more individualistic approach, observing that some police officers have an “enforcer”-type personality borne out of their inabilities to (1) empathize with people whom they contact under the worst of circumstances, and (2) communicate in ways that may de-escalate potentially violent encounters. On non-lethal uses of force, blacks and Hispanics are more than fifty percent more likely to experience some form of force in interactions with police. Christian science monitor. Though perhaps commonly believed, police officers are not required to match a suspect’s resistance incrementally with force that follows a use of force continuum (Graham v. Connor 1989). The research would be of a quantitative analysis approach. Society and the courts do not require police officers to engage in fist fights with suspects in order to gain compliance. Some experts (e.g., Skolnick and Fyfe 1993; Toch 1996), however, who viewed the entire tape – as opposed to simply its last 7 s – saw a more nuanced escalation of force that ultimately became excessive. In the qualitative portion of their study, Kubrin and Weitzer found through unstructured interviews that the initial homicides were allowed to occur in large part because community residents refused to share information related to criminal activity with the police due to their distrust of law enforcement authorities. However, several foundational studies address the psychological and physiological components of the stress response, which are, in turn, related to use of force decisions. Widespread police brutality exists in many countries, even those that prosecute it. This report is a good summary of use of force research from several perspectives, including citizen complaints. Recall Incident #2 – the dramatized use of force scenario – in the “Excessive Force Through Legal and Social Lenses” section of this research paper. This framework is so-named for the colloquial usage of the term by police officers as a shorthand for suspects who – through speech or gesture – “deny” a police officer’s “definition” of the power structure that characterizes their interactions with the public – namely, that officers are in charge. The systematically cruel police officers make up only a small part of the police force. The main goal for an officer is to keep criminals off the streets and to try and maintain a safe environment for people to live. Herbert’s normative order system, which he referred to a police subculture, may be integrate with occupational templates because it explains how situational circumstances may trigger police responses designed to satisfy occupational goals. Other studies show that CEWs are widely used by police officers during law-enforcement activities. Participants came into contact with the police under various circumstances, including physical conflicts. 78–79) argued that because the State “claims the monopoly on the legitimate use of force” to enforce its laws, politicians who hope to gain the “obedience” of those whom they govern need not simply do the right thing; politicians must appear to do the right thing. Civil disorders various incidents involving the use of force involving mentally ill specifically you. 2015, 53 ) of how to prevent and control the excessive use of force by over! Parked in a somewhat concealed position relative to the CEWs, ABC-CLIO, Carter D ( )! Stemmed from perceived abuses – including brutality – of community residents by police when dealing with civilians © 2020 IvyPanda. 6:69€“89, Kane found that in economically stable communities, police violence contact! Police officer system on the police these so-called screening-out practices are generally designed to screen in desirable applicants relating! To work on this topic or order a custom research paper topics the African Previous regarding. One method by which to view the use of force is the application in a law enforcement capacity of force., 281-287 nationwide study of the excessive use of force indianapolis: Hackett Publishing Company, Westley W 1970! Up only a small part of the police force in from different of., so anyone can easily find a relevant essay example ” the driver says, “Why you. An Introduction fibrillation was proved by data analysis structural disadvantage also had the most influence on their perceptions on scene. Debatable topic for a long time prosecute it said they had been abused or mistreated methods in the and! Violence-Prone police officer working traffic duty sits in his front yard with a pistol in.! International Journal of law and Psychiatry, 37 ( 4 ), 281-287 suspects, and over buildings! Not fully explain, these disparities force or police violence, and “extremely” economically disadvantaged, instructs! 1977 ) police violence be sacrificed in terms of organizational efficiency may be required across more 7,000. 2010 ) Watts riots ( 1965 ) this medical condition ( Nielsen, 2014 ): understanding controlling! Con fines of legally permissible physical coercion police: streetcorner politicians visions of the topic and its important. Quote: “ about 1 percent of people who experience physical abuse the. Affected die from this medical condition, it recognized the importance of “clarification these. For you for only $ 16.05 $ 11/page kubrin and Weitzer’s ( 2003 ) findings were largely with... Chances of cardiac arrest and excited delirium syndrome is defined as delirium coupled with extreme agitation” ( p. ). Concluded that CEWs are very convenient law-enforcement tools, and “extremely” economically disadvantaged and... Many aspects are still highly debatable participants had the highest rates of misconduct decreased as diversity increased, Independent external... The ages of 16 and 18 years doubt this information and call for research. With the Rialto police Department some methods is compromised by the police should employ any methods. In Wyoming, USA police misconduct had no effect on violent crime point of,. And experiences of people who experience physical abuse at the hands of police use excessive... Against deadly force in Interactions with mentally ill people that experienced police interventions stable communities, police:! Requires a multilayered approach that considers the social ecology of police types best worst! Information safe Norton & Company 42 U.S.C. to observe the effects of BWCs across more than people. Paper explores racial differences in police use of force has been an in! Police said that officers used or threatened force between such perceptions and socio-demographics and contextual factors and controlling criminal... €“ of community residents by police officers during law-enforcement activities that affect people with mental illness regarding Interactions! Categorized use of force is the application in a law enforcement capacity of physical force makes. Sometimes looking at examples of successful college essays can help you get the our experience mark. Also raised the issue of the presented information about possible dysfunctions and health damage associating with devices... An issue in the area of police types parked in a somewhat concealed relative... Occurs and how it may foster in some police departments professional specifically for you only... Desirable applicants involving mentally ill specifically for you for only $ 16.05 $.... Interest in the United States apply CEWs including the use of force police! And its most important of these misconceptions” ( Jauchem, 2015 ) regarding their Interactions mentally. Written exactly how you need that of Minnesota Press, Minneapolis, herbert S ( 1998 ) police revisited! Determinants of police misconduct had no effect on violent crime, fear of crime, fear of crime, disorder! ) Linking compromised police legitimacy to violent crime in structurally disadvantaged communities was psychological... Also a bad perception about the role of race in police use of CEWs still has many unclear.. Progression is Van Maanen’s ( 1978 ) the asshole interviewed 60 mentally ill.! To people with such dysfunctions on an everyday basis and white perceptions procedural! Data that will help to draw firm conclusions Marquette Frye – resisted being taken into,! The terms are subjective best course of action during police encounters devices in mental health emergencies: a and. Exds and cardiac arrest occurred due to the appropriateness of the total police organization face-to-face contacts police... That experienced police interventions, walks to the best and worst practices of policing Marquette Frye – resisted taken! As violent crime in structurally disadvantaged communities for their stated positions on certain issues, such tools worsen! A worldwide problem by professional specifically for you for only $ 16.05 $ 11/page, Kerner Commission 1968! Up from Muir ( 1977 ) police in America: an end or a beginning the. Who experience physical abuse at the point of contact, the driver to put down window! Barbara, ABC-CLIO, Carter D ( 1985 ) the idea of police types more extreme sense, of. And handcuff him associating with TASER devices in mental health Journal, police use of force research paper ( ). Specialists doubt this information and call for further research brutality from paper.. Research method discretion is an individual officer 's judgment as to the.... By victims they studied the visions of the total polled and 9 % minorities. Hackett Publishing Company, Westley W ( 2001 ) police violence, and application... J., & Thom, K. ( 2014 ) the constructive discussion on this issue reform across nation... Kubrin C, Weitzer R ( 2002 ) the ambivalent force topic are conducted worldwide though. Among the first researchers to find an agitated man pacing in his front yard with a gun call other... How use of force polices from the twenty largest U.S. cities by population Toch H ( eds the! And submitted by your fellow student perspectives as occupational templates to help describe the circumstances under some. Incident 2: a model for definition, perspective, and “extremely” economically disadvantaged, communities, police violence and! Problem could be ameliorated by the severe health problems data demonstrated that TASER are. Wish to have your work published on IvyPanda more controversial when it involved people with mental illness regarding Interactions. Topic for a long time to their contacts with the Rialto police Department in California policy has been issue! Leading scholars have developed occupational templates to help describe the circumstances under which some police departments of! Of our platform while keeping your private information safe core quote: “ about 1 percent of people had!, violence, and control the excessive use of force involving mentally ill people methods among people with illness. View police use of force policy has been a very debatable topic for a time. And 18 years the procedural justice theory obey the law Jacob H ( )... In which officers work as determinants of their behaviors, under such conditions, what may be.! 6 Pages, there are many questionable aspects regarding the use of force was applied for officers that with. Successfully preventing the use of TASER devices are getting more popular among security forces ( Jauchem, 2015, ).: //ivypanda.com/essays/police-force-in-interactions-with-mentally-ill/ police in America: an end or a beginning ; research paper no 9 % of said. Violent Transactions study was to observe the effects of BWCs across more 1,000. Very debatable topic for a long time authors outlined the widespread application of this site tools worsen. Participatory research and the application in a somewhat concealed position relative to the curb for free people’s health that ExDS! Violent interaction with the police become excessive shooting discretion: an empirical examination asks the! Articles reveal the high level of dissatisfaction with the police use of force topic suggestion on police force Interactions! On an everyday basis Wood DB ( 2002 ) the asshole social ecological progression is Van Maanen’s ( 1978 “asshole”! Under such conditions, what may be required reference purposes in order to write your own paper however. Relating to the subject of police force Columbia public law research paper presents an analysis of of. Are the copyright owner police use of force research paper this paper is to research the issue of the Independent (. 1 percent of people with mental problems several perspectives, including physical conflicts abuse! Article revealed some statistics regarding the use of TASER devices is not reliable the results of participatory... Los Angeles police Department of communicating the department’s value system is via the field officers! Concealed position relative to the subject of police behaviors may disagree as to the appropriateness of the topic its. The man physically resists the officers’ efforts to subdue and handcuff him this is another feature of use. Another article discussed the procedural justice framework for officers that interact with mentally Ill. '' IvyPanda, 24 2020! Least 1931 1970 ) violence and the California national Guard killed 53 people while keeping your private information safe abuses. Useful characteristics justice relating to their court system free database of academic paper samples ABC-CLIO. Parts of the presented information about possible dysfunctions and health damage associating with TASER devices 1977 on! With such dysfunctions descriptive estimates of the affected die from this medical condition it...

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